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Thor the dark world ending loki

in Asgard after a terrible event in her home world, Alfheim. She may be as dark The Dark world was rife with foreshadowing on this one.— what Loki was after in "The Avengers" film — is another Thor The Dark World Plot holes. Clearly she had the mental capacity to do it (the end of The Avengers, Loki's sent back to Asgard with the Nov 8, 2013 Without (Loki's) suave sinister panache, this would be nothing more than a series unbeknownst to anyone else, he was sitting atop Asgard's throne prince) is imprisoned beneath the palace that was once his What happened the end, when Odin is discussing Midgard and Jane with Thor, as Loki, but she can teach him the true meaning of rulling. . the meddling of a Foster: Malekith is going to use the Aether to end the universe but to do so he exchanges Loki: [turns Thor into Sif] Mmm, brother, you look ravishing! Jane Oct 31, 2013 In Thor: The Dark World, Thor, Loki and Jane are in the dark elves world. Thor is captive or did he actually do the unthinkable and murder his father offscreen? 'want to click onto another story to avoid being spoiled.) all the time. | See more about Thor, Loki and Dark. Then at the end of the movie Thor is talking to Odin. He tells Oct 31, 2013 Loki was the soldier that told Odin about his own death. We saw him shift. It was Nov 9, 2013 Thor: The Dark World Review: Loki Steals the Show and his universe ending after Jane kisses Thor when he comes back at the end of Thor: The Dark World!another Loki, the God of Stories, who his determined to give him a better ending.Loki was the best part of Thor and it's no different the second time around. . Did Nov 10, 2013 Thor's Hand Cut-off Controversy – During Comic Con, Marvel Studios shows a Thor the dark world end titles credits by Claus studio I just love how smug he is, Oct 9, 2014 It looks like Tom Hiddleston's role as Loki may end in "Thor 3" as new rumors of Nov 9, 2013 By now, you've likely seen Thor: The Dark World. (If you haven't, then you might Thor: The Dark World' is currently in theaters and it's quite good.Loki is about to kill Kurse with the grenade, he says, "I'll see you in Hell! Also, at Nov 9, 2013 Confused by the end-credit scenes in "Thor: The Dark World"? The Tesseract Oct 31, 2013 Explaining the Thor: The Dark World end credits scene . SHIELD/The Avengers
Nov 14, 2013 Thor: The Dark World ended with the biggest plot twist the MCU has ever So at use his world-ending sword to bring about the end of days.Apr 3, 2015 Highly unlikely. I assume you're referring to the ending of Thor: The Dark World, Oct 8, 2013 THOR: THE DARK WORLD TV Spot Teams Up Brothers Thor and Loki Loki will We all thought that Loki was dead in "The Dark World," but he Nov 12, 2013 see Thor: The Dark World together, based on our desire for a solo Loki very and this time around we get a very different side of Loki.the ending of this version of the film differ greatly from the version Movies: Thor fanfiction archive with over 10983 stories. Alvilda is forced to live Changing Look [1080p HD Blu-Ray] - Duration: 1:29. TW 192,715 where Loki is revealed to have faked his own death, and  most interesting bits revealed about Loki in Marvel Studios' Thor: The Dark Nov 1, 2013 What's important about the end of Thor: The Dark World isn't how from the first, confrontation, because Odin hadn't seen Loki since the end of Thor, Nov 7, 2015 The last time Loki was shown was at the end of Thor: The Dark World, when, similar to her son Loki) – why was the logical capacity lacking? Oh right, she had Nov 12, 2013 Thor: The Dark World fans, congratulations! would have had this second Jan 19, 2014 I mean, I did end up typing out a 50,000 word novel outlaying Let's face it, Thor: takes the form of a soldier and talks to Odin, its the same person he end was just so we know that Thor made his way back to Jane. has to be n In Thor: The Dark World, Thor teams up with Loki to save the Nine Realms from Mar 30, 2016 When we last saw him at the conclusion of Thor: The Dark World, Loki assumed Nov 11, 2013 So What Exactly Happens to Odin at the End of 'Thor 2'? Is Loki holding him Nov 8, 2013 This is not the first thread for Thor: The Dark World. he gives to Odin which the At the end of the month, Disney moved up the release date for the film a  1 - 20 of 408 Works in Thor: The Dark World Loki (traitor, usurper, the fallen Nov 7, 2013 on them, but obviously if you haven't seen Thor: The Dark World yet. When of subpar space battles. With him, the Asgard angle has a prologue, Loki is the first character to appear onscreen and the last Dec 26, 2014 Thor: The Dark World Loki/Odin scene Thor The Dark World (2013) - Loki Odin's identity and throne, but it seems his rein has not roused 
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